Set up Auto Instagram Likes Counter with Popular Posts

Set up Auto Instagram Likes Counter with Popular Posts


Harvesting the power of social media for its immense attractive potential has several advantages. It not only helps the marketer to construct a steady customer base, but also serves as a support platform for replying to grievances. The visual imagery provides an amazing mode of connection beyond cultures. Images are sometimes more powerful than words can be, and it is never more true than in instagram! However, harnessing the full potential of this website for promotions can be tricky. You need to be judicious, intelligent, proactive and intuitive to be able to make the best use of the pics to attract an audience. Look up the following sections on killer tips to harvest the power of photos.

Keep it real

You must keep it real, especially in instagram. Just be true to the photos you post. Once you start making the connections by attractive imagery, try to turn the attraction into something that the customer would love to get. The marketer would need to create an impression of popularity to be visible in the news feed. Now, not always would your posts gather a bevy of likes from interested users. In fact, they may pass over and no one would even glance if there is no attention from others unto it. Services such as Instagram likes help to keep it real here.

Once you subscribe after making the payment, the online agency would regularly scan your account and automatically generate likes on your posts to create the necessary attention. Marketers can choose the frequency and number of liking according to convenience. Utilizing the options judiciously is the key to successful profiteering. You should be careful and patient with the actions you perform on social media. It can either make you big or break you bad all of a sudden. A professional never makes mistakes.

Making the best use

Making the best utility of your instagram profile for lead harvest has certain secrets. In keeping with reality as mentioned above, always follow your instincts on what to post, when to post, and how to promote it intelligently. On selecting the photos, make sure to stay on the right side of the thin line between promotions and conversations. Social media essentially is a place for human conversations. It is its fundamental nature, and you should not be disrupting this cardinal application.  As you may already know, photos of company events and you holding some kind of a trophy simply does not work much. There is always a nagging performance anxiety, which you can overcome easily if the nature of the photos celebrates the human connection between the product and customers.

As to when to post the pics and activate the auto likes instagram, pick up on times of the day when people are in the mood for looking into products that meet their timely needs. For example, the best time to sell lemonade is in summer and fall. Of course, there is no separate time for coffee. It is a universal product. If you are selling contraceptives, use the evening to post your pics, etc. You get the idea.