Global Intelligence Network From Blue Coat

Global Intelligence Network From Blue Coat


When you are dealing with the cyber crime, then one thing that you need to know is that the threats are evolving every minute. There are greater and greater threats every day. Thus to fight against them, the security has to be fully integrated with the latest technology and latest hacking techniques. Blue Coat has realized this need of the hour. They found a way of keeping their security solution up to date at all time. The solution was called Global Intelligence Network. According to the Blue Coat reported this new technology has upgraded all the solutions of the Blue coat to fight against the latest threats.


What Is Global Intelligence Network?

The Global intelligence network is a cloud-based network that reads the history and network complications of the past, finds the flaws in the security solutions as compared with the latest security threats and then upgrades the security solution so that it can be easily applied to have the best security. This is important at this time. The Global Intelligence Network integrates its threat research with the Blue coat labs intelligently with the secure gateway of Blue coat. After the process, it upgrades the security solutions for good. This process has many benefits. Summarizing them all, one can conclude the following.

  • It works really fast, and reading and categorization of previous data are done in no time.
  • The threat research integrated by the Blue coat Labs makes it possible to have all the cyber threats to be eliminated.
  • Continuous learning from the data and suggesting the new ways and solutions for the greater threats.

How Does It Work?

The global intelligence network works with the Blue coat labs to analyze the data and web requests from different networks. It researches on all the situations. These web requests numbers to 2.17 billion. Analyzing this big data helps it to understand the greater cyber threats. With the collaboration of the Blue coat labs, it finds the solution of them all and then upgrades the security solutions accordingly.

Protection Before It Is Needed

The global intelligence network of the Blue coat is giving the solutions for the “negative day security.” When the threat of level aero comes, you will be already prepared to handle them. This is the ultimate bliss of the global intelligence system that the user can be completely relaxed as they are already secured from the threat that is a thousand miles away. The Blue Coat security system blocks the domains and servers if the attack occurs.