How to organize a corporate social event?

How to organize a corporate social event?


When it comes to organizing a corporate social event, there needs to be a careful balance of formality with appropriate levels of entertainment. This type of event will require a meticulous degree of planning and preparation if it is not to be marred by human error, or even to be a memorable one for the guests. Coordinating all of the components of the event will take time, and effort, from drawing up a plan to executing it. Here are some useful tips on how to organize your corporate social event to keep it from descending into dullness and to infuse a bit of unexpected fun into it.

Set the perimeters of the event

Depending on the type of the event, you will have an opportunity to enhance brand visibility during the event. For this purpose, you can use items such as promotional paper bags or printed plastic bags that your guests can reuse.

promotional wristbands can even be used to bag up the gifts, if there are any, which would ensure a more consistent approach to your brand. The presence of these promotional elements will largely depend on the perimeters that you set for the event; this means that you will have to determine your objectives for the event. First decide whether this event is merely a social gathering where the employees can have some relaxed fun, or whether you will be treating it as an opportunity for improving company visibility. This will mean that your event will also require a theme, and gives you an opportunity to decide on the attire, setting, menu, and even the types of potential entertainment. At this stage, you will also need to prepare your budget, and decide on which supplies you need to acquire.

Add thematic entertainment

Depending on the event, you have the option of including a range of entertainment that can serve the dual function of keeping the guests interested, while also providing increased visibility for your business. One of the most useful pieces of equipment that you can make use of in this regard is an Instagram or hashtag printer; not only will this ensure a steady influx of fun into your event, it will promote your business on a viable social media platform.

This form of social media integration means that your guests can update live pictures of them having fun at your event onto Instagram under a unique party hashtag, and receive physical copies of the same picture as a keepsake. This will easily ensure more digital visibility, while allowing your guests to have an organic amount of fun.