End your holiday with good shopping at shopping malls

End your holiday with good shopping at shopping malls

corridor in modern shop

Shopping in the open market is the thing of old days. Earlier the shopping was done by roaming in different shops to get your desired things which were quite difficult. But, the things have been changed now, the shopping of essentials have become easy with the arrival of shopping mall concept. With the growth of globalization, the scene has changed completely. Earlier people were not aware of several things related to holiday destinations or even the facilities available nearby. Now with the help of technology people can look around the things they want to get. With the concept of providing an easy and attractive shopping option in Brazil’s Paraiba state’s capital João Pessoa, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping was inaugurated by Roberto Santiago, the then entrepreneur.

What’s the new concept was behind the opening of this mall?

The mall was opened in 1989 and now it is one of biggest mall of this region. The mall was strategically started between the north coast beaches and the centre for to provide a great experience to the visitors and also with the view of more footfalls. The project has grown up now and currently catering 308 stores with 292 satellites and 16 anchor stores.

The facilities available at this shopping complex

The entertainment unit of this area covers almost 10,000 m² out of total 115,000 square meters built up area. Below is the few important attractions of this shopping centre.


  • food court
  • entertainment area
  • 8 complex Cinema Rooms Box Cinemas
  • Bowling Gold Strike and Strike Bar
  • Park and Buffet Children Pirlimpimpim
  • Gym,
  • banking
  • college, EPHF Colleges etc.

Apart from the above, there is a concert hall called Domus started in 2009 on the roof of the complex. The hall is equipped with air conditioner and can accommodate almost 4000 people at a time. This hall is an ideal place for events like exhibitions, fairs, theatre performances, receptions and any other occasion.

Make your shopping delightful

Shopping may be tiring at times but it can be delightful especially when you are shopping in good and your favourite shopping malls. The same experience you will get while shopping in Roberto SantiagoManaira Shopping mall where the availability of goods can make you crazy and you may get confused about what to buy and what not to. Because of the environment, the brand availability, the variety of goods and the kind of service you get there may far beyond your expectation.