Diamond Cuts, Diamond Shapes

Diamond Cuts, Diamond Shapes


Buying a 2 carat diamond is not that much easy for laymen in the market.Many of them were getting cheated without proper research.The cut of the diamonds may show inclusion without clarity and the shape of the diamond which determines the maker with some specifications. When you present a gift to your mother or a wife,which has to be preserved for the whole lifetime and to be carried through generations, you have to make a proper research before purchasing a correct diamond for your investment to be a worthy and appreciable for generations. Some of the cuts and shaped diamonds are like pear shaped diamonds, simple round shaped, prong diamond, princess cut diamond, cushion cut and much more. With the help of latest technology, there were millions of cuts and shaped were under construction to satisfy each and every customer in the market.

Diamond Cut Enhance Brilliant Cut

A diamond cut is a style or a design that guides to cut various shapes of diamond to enhance to bring out a brilliant cut for a desired customer. The cuts does not refer to the shape of the diamond, but it refers the symmetry, polish of a diamond and proportioning. The diamond cuts greatly disturbs a diamond’s brilliance; this means cuts were shown poorly and less luminous. The diamond cutters follow some factors like shape, crystal, and size. The most popular of diamond cuts are brilliant in round shape. They are perfected by both empirical analysis, fancy cuts and mathematical. A diamond cut is calculated by qualified grades from the standards like AGS or GIA. Some of the cut grades are given below:

  • Blue nail signature ideal cut: This is one of the most brilliant cuts, which signifying roughly the top 1% of diamond quality founded on the cut. This grade of symmetry and polish permit it to reveal even more light compared to the other standard ideal cut.
  • Ideal cut: This cut signifies roughly the top 3% of diamond worth based on cut, which reveals nearly all lights that enter the diamond determined by the Idealscope.


Types of Diamond Shapes

The diamond shapes are very different, exclusive feature of the diamond determines the quality for each shape. There are some different kinds of diamond shapes are given below:

  • Round shaped diamonds: Round or circular is the most popular diamond shape, which signifying approximately 75% of all the diamonds in use for jewelry. Due to the shape, the round diamond is commonly superior to fancy shapes at the right replication of light and maximizing possible brightness.
  • Princess cut diamond: the princess cut diamond is one of the most expensive diamond shapes. Especially, the diamond is most widely used for engagement rings. This type of shape is more flexibility.
  • Oval diamond: An oval diamond has much beautiful brilliance effect and involves quite a huge amount of fire.This is similar to the round diamond. The oval cut diamonds may create the impression of great size.