7 Cool Gift Ideas to Woo Your Boyfriend

7 Cool Gift Ideas to Woo Your Boyfriend


On any kind of occasion ranging from a birthday to anniversary, a promotion party to a Valentine’s party, you may consider these following 7 gifts for your boyfriend and surprise him in a unique way.

Glares: The black one or the multi colored one, he just loves to put them on and walk in style. Sometimes posing like classy Shahrukh Khan and sometime like cool Salman Khan. If you know that glares are his favorite, get this accessory for him right away on any kind of occasion. Be it his birthday or anniversary or is promotion day at office, he would always love to get a glare as a gift.

Official tie and cuffs: Whether or not he has some good collection of ties and cuffs, when you get him a set of these things he would be more than happy. Tie with cuffs in proper place makes a guy look smart. He would be impressed that you love and care for his looks. Choose the colorful ties and not the boring black white or grey colored ones.

Wine and whiskey cane with glasses: Classy, elegant, and sophisticated canes are available to transfer your alcohol in them before presenting in front of guests. These canes are made out of thick glass and are also intricately designed. Match a set of sleek drinking glass with this ad an endearing gif is ready to woo your boyfriend. This one can be a charming anniversary or Valentine gift for boyfriend.

OTG or induction oven: Don’t think that kitchen materials can be gifted only to girls! After all we live in a century where men also have to take up kitchen work quite well to maintain a standard of health. If your boyfriend is away from you in some place where he have to live alone, get him these very important tools which makes cooking fun and easier.

Luggage Bag: A wheeler bag or the backpack – both would be recommended as a gift for your boyfriend. Guys have this uncertainty in their character and that pushes them to pack the bag in half an hour and leave for a sudden trip. Your bag would be a perfect gift to save him in these situations. Make sure this bag has enough space and many pockets for his use.

Perfumes: Collect the best brands of perfumes and pack them with flower petals and colorful papers in a tray and keep it in his safe. Let him discover your enthralling gift alone and he/she would be really happy for this love that you have showered on him/her. Men have a string liking for perfumes and given a chance they can spend their whole salary on perfumes only. I know someone who has a wardrobe full with only perfumes and he never throws away the finished bottles.

Keychain: Get a stylish keychain for his/her bike, Scooty or car. It can be a personalized one also with his/her name and date of birth or star-sign etched over it. Or it can be a simple one with his/her name and details of the vehicle he/she is riding  or click here for more gift options you would really love.