Locations for Shooting Shorts

Locations for Shooting Shorts


Thanks to improvements in technology and the invention of crowd-funding, independent filmmakers can now shine; there are so many directors, actors and producers out there with an abundance of talent who are not interested or can’t break into the mainstream. Their time has finally arrived. However, there is one small detail that cannot be solved by money alone: location. Shooting on location requires a lot of money but sometimes money isn’t the only thing that keeps a director from shooting their short film in the location they desire. It can be permission issues or sentiment of an owner. So here are some locations that are usually open to letting a film crew in as long as there is minimum impact.

Shooting in Apartments Old or New

Not every owner will happily step aside for a film crew to invade their space, but if you personally know anyone who lives in an apartment, chances are they will cede their property for some money for a few days. Brand new apartments for sale are also good locations, especially because you can dress it up the way you want as long as you have the go-ahead from the real-estate agent.

The glamour factor of having a film shot in the premises is usually enough for the real-estate agents to let out apartments for sale wollongong nsw on loan for shooting, but if not, offer to thank them in the credits and pay a small fee to hire for a few days. Include a commission too.


Shooting in Abandoned Buildings

These are a safety hazard so make sure you check with security before going in, but abandoned buildings and other construction are easily available for shoots because they have no further use for the owners. This is especially true for corporate owners trying to unload the property. The publicity they might gather from having a film shoot in their building or site is a good trade-off for letting it out for a few days. Remember to contact someone in charge directly and not mention your film projects to every second-in-command and lackey who comes your way or you will be handing your extra spots you don’t even have for the privilege of speaking to the big boss. Also be ready to have your own clean-up crew and safety inspections because it is doubtful that they will be provided.

Shooting in Public Property

Forests, parks and reserves are great for shooting in because a) they’re lovely b) they don’t require payment. That’s why they are public property. You do, however, require a permit. Depending on the bureaucracy involved, this might take anything from a few days to a month or longer. Once you have the permit however, you are free to utilize the space to the maximum possible limit. If you are having trouble getting the permit through, you might want to look into how you can make a donation to a fund or trust that services the public property. Technically public property should be accessible to the public for all purposes (and permits should come through quickly) but it doesn’t hurt to make a monetary contribution for the upkeep of the park/forest – not a bribe, mind your – which may improve your chances of getting the permit faster.