Know the schemes given by the government

Know the schemes given by the government


  Government has taken many steps to increase the life style of the people.  There are many people are living in the low income and unemployment. As the inflation increase in the country, buying the basic needs of the people such as dress, food etc., is affected. This is where the low income people are getting affected by the people. The daily life becomes a tougher one to them.  It is hard for them to survive in the society.  It is the duty of the government to maintain the good economic condition and a space for the low income people in the society.


Schemes given by the government:

            One of the best schemes to prevent the lower income people in the society is br1m 2017.   Government is providing certain amount to the lower income people for their basic needs in the life.    The cost of living is high in the country when compared to other country.  This is the reason why government is giving more importance to the scheme. Every year, these amounts are added in the time of budget preparation.   There are many criteria in the scheme to get qualify.  The eligibility criteria differ according to the age of the people applying for this scheme. The first and foremost condition is you must be citizen of the Malaysia and your income must be lower than limit given by the government.   If you want to know all the criteria in getting those schemes, it is better to visit the official websites in the internet. Unlike the olden days, you don’t have to wait or stand behind anyone to know anything.   Internet has been the great source in this era.

 Time limit:

          If you have the necessary qualification, fill the forms and apply them in the given time.  The government has given only limited time. If you want the money, you have to fill the forms in the given time.   You can fill the forms by two ways. Either you can fill the hard copy or apply them in online. The government has enables the facility of filling and submitting the forms in online.

        These schemes help the basic need in the life.  The basic needs in the life will never satisfy the peoples. In order to improve the life style of the people, the government must take certain steps to increase the employment of the people and reduce the inflation in the country.