Where to hang out with friends in UAE

Where to hang out with friends in UAE


You are with friends, you decide to eat out together, hangout a bit and have a good time. Then comes the daunting, exhausting, frustrating question of all: “Where to go? What to eat?”. Technically, it’s a basic decision making problem, with a deadline.

You suggest Indian food, but someone hates spicy food. Someone suggests Pizza but you had it last night. The hunger increases, pressures builds and a simple problem turns into a nightmare.

Here are some fun ways to help you solve this unsolvable problem:

1.              Keep Calm and use Process of Elimination

One of the most logical methods of selection is elimination. List down all the potential good restaurants from connect.ae, then ask what everyone doesn’t like or are not in the mood of. Repeat until you narrow down the choices to one. One is good.

2.    Select nearby restaurants

Decide what transportation to use, how much time everyone has and select nearby restaurant.
You can also discover great options in walking distance.


3.              Assign a Leader

Put everyone’s name in a basket, pick one up and select the leader for the evening. Head out to his selected restaurant like a veto vote. His turn cannot come again for next meals till everyone’s turn is done.

4.              When in doubt, turn to Social Media

People on social media love making decisions for others. Create a Twitter poll, browse Instagram photos or go for the highest reviewed restaurant on Facebook. Find something which will click and head out that way without second thought.

5.              Oldest trick: Flip a coin

This comes handy when you’re stuck with two choices. Go for the oldest trick in the book: heads or tails. But stick to the decision and start driving or walking.

6.              Hold your very own, Food Tournament

A tournament bracket will definitely solve your problem. It’s a fail proof method. Its pretty nerdy but worth it. You are bound to have a winner at the end.

7.              Change is good, most of the time

Sometimes you get sick of eating the same food again and again. List a few options of the new restaurants in town where no one in the group has gone to, get a vote and get the party started. Who knows, it just might become your new favorite hangout place.

8.              Wait for it

Maybe you are not that hungry after all, maybe something will come up after two next rounds of Fifa, maybe someone will give in and decision will be made in next thirty minutes. Sometimes hasty decisions don’t prove to be the right ones. So allow yourself more time to think and decide.

In the end, wherever you decide to go, go with all your heart. Only then, you can have a great and memorable time.