Dr. Nick Oberheiden: Professional Law Expert

Dr. Nick Oberheiden: Professional Law Expert


Dr. Nick Oberheiden provides an assistant in legal service to number of people from various countries related with fraud cases, business scam, white collar crimes, government investigations and many more. The team includes leading attorney of United States government such as Michael C Elliot, Lynette S Byrd, Mindy M Sauter and many more. He runs a law group having highly experienced attorneys to serve the people in law related issues. Most of the attorneys are retired people with more years of experience. He formed a team with many former attorney who is got experienced in most of the field the citizens facing the problem. The team members practice and experience as an attorney in many of the divisions like Federal criminal and administrative law, Federal litigation, Healthcare investigation and Foreign Law Expert Testimony assisted many of the leading companies as well as individuals.

Dr.Oberheiden has completed graduation from Harvard law school and completed his doctorate from university of Heidelberg. He received the Jurios Doctor from university of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Also he completed his another Juris Doctor from Hamberg Law School, Germany. One of the best advantage of Dr.Oberheidenis the fluency in many languages like English, French, German and many more. So the clientof various natives are welcomed in their native language without a middle man intervention.His experience can be assessed by membership in many of the familiar divisions like New York Country lawyers association (NYCLA), European Society of International law (ESIL), German Academic International Network (GIAN), etc., Dr.Oberheidenstarted his practice with a reputed group named White & Case, LLP one of a popular international group. He is very much good consultant in civil, criminal and business crime. Now he is limited to Federal law only. But the team members assist other divisions. He started representing many of the firms through excellent work that made him much popular to get hired by public also. Dr.Oberheiden helped many of the corporate companies and many individuals in many of the pending cases. His maximum interest and skills as an experienced attorney completed the case against the clients much earlier than anticipated.


Dr. Nick oberheiden is the head of Oberheiden law group PLLC founded in Dallas which helps people in health care compliance, fraud and criminal defence, business litigation etc., His excellent administration made the firm one of the top in United States of America.