Try These 6 Impressive Ideas for Living Room Renovation

Try These 6 Impressive Ideas for Living Room Renovation


The living room is an important part of the house because it is where we receive guests, friends, and also the same place where family members commonly gather to spend time together. That is why it is truly important that the living room looks great and have a comfortable ambience.

Nowadays, if we get tired or bored with the current look and feel of our living room, we can always make changes or improve a specific or even entire area. Below are some ideas we have collected that might help you in your living room improvement project.

Install Wainscoting on your walls.

Wainscoting is one of the most common styles in majority of traditional and contemporary homes.Before starting this project though, there are a number of points to be considered first, like: the materials to be used, the style suited to your house’s general interior theme, the budget or cost, and the duration or number of days that the project may take.

Wooden wainscots are most commonly used with a variety of style: flat panel, shaker boards, raised panels and board and batten.The height of the wainscot is dependent on the height of the wall where it is to be installed but most common is one thirds from the bottom.

Choose the perfect paint color.

Paint your walls, but of course choose the perfect shade of colors to paint your walls with. You can go for neutral colors like grey, white, or black or you can also choose pastel colors for a subtler and calmer look. If you want to have a more vibrant and warmer feel, choose louder or brighter colors like yellow, blue, orange or red.

Let Wallpapers do the trick.

Wall papers are great alternative to paints.They have a variety of designs from plains, textured and to the most intricate ones. They also come in different colors with various shades: pales, neutrals, pastels, to vivid and warmer hues.Another good thing about wallpapers is that they are easy to install, especially those that are self-adhesive.

Decorate with Wall Arts or with hanging Ornaments.

Unleash the artist in you.Experiment with different wall arts to hang on your wall. They will add more aesthetic value not only to the wall but also to the entire area. Wall arts can be portraits, paintings, mosaic of any recycled materials, glass, decors, or even wooden hanging shelves. Hanging shelves do not only serve as wall décor but also help in organizing your stuff.

Dress up with some fancy curtains.

If you think your walls and windows are too plain or dull, try putting on some fancy curtains. Dress up your walls with curtains that stretches from ceiling to floor, or your windows with curtains that matches its style.

Aside from style, curtains have various functions in the house too. Curtains can be used as shield from the hot rays coming from the sun during the day. They are also used as decorative accents for windows and walls. In some houses, especially those with smaller spaces, curtains are used as a separator between two rooms or area like living room and dining room.

Install lighting fixtures.

Another great idea is to install lighting fixtures. This is not only to illuminate the area but also to add more style. There are a number of lighting styles and the types of light to choose from. Most common are energy saving lights, LED pot lights and floor lamps.

In most houses where there are lighting fixtures in the living room, chandeliers and pendant lights are likely used more than any other lighting types.Others used sconces on their walls as decorative accents.

You don’t need to stress yourself up on improving your living room’s style. You can style it yourself following the above mentioned tips or if you are not confident enough with your decisions, you can always consult a professional interior designer in your area.