The Best Pizza Restaurants in Manchester

The Best Pizza Restaurants in Manchester


Wherever you live, you have probably found a place that you think serves the best pizza. Manchester is no exception, and it has a large number of restaurants serving pizzas that are thought to be the best in Manchester. Here we look at where you are likely to get the best pizza in Manchester as well as what goes into making a great pizza.

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According to the BBC, between 1998 and 2014, sales of pizzas to cook at home increased by 1000%. It is no surprise then to learn that in Manchester there are many restaurants serving pizza, catering to all tastes and dietary requirements.

Neighbourhood Restaurant or Chain Restaurant

There are a wide variety of pizza restaurants in Manchester to choose from which vary in price, area and style. Although there are some expensive ones, there are also cheaper eateries that offer equally good pizza. As with most cities, the main high street chains offering Italian-style cuisine, including pizza, are well represented in Manchester city centre. The benefit of a chain restaurant is that you generally know what you are getting, but it can still be worth seeking out those independent establishments that may be able to offer something different.

As well as the main chains, Manchester also offers pizzerias that sell pizza by the slice if you want a quick fix, or ones that are slightly off the beaten track if you know where to look for them. There are also many smaller restaurants which ensure that vegetarians and vegans are well catered for.

What Makes a Great Pizza?

Several things make a great pizza. These include good dough, quality toppings and the right sort of cooking. Any restaurant that claims to do good pizza will probably be using catering-size pizza ovens, which can be found at, for the cooking, but the preparation is just as important. Good-quality ingredients and a decent hand-made dough will all add to the authentic pizza-eating experience.

If pizza is your favourite sort of food when you eat out, then you are unlikely to be disappointed with the places on offer in Manchester. Whether you want a chain restaurant or somewhere independent, or somewhere serving unusual pizzas or something plain and simple, you will find them all in this large and vibrant city.