How to Buy Nice Princess Cut Engagement Rings

How to Buy Nice Princess Cut Engagement Rings


The princess cut diamond is characterized by the square shape and a brilliant cut and shine. The square shape is what makes it look the vintage style Engagement rings Dayton Ohio with the vanity and aura of the princess. That is why, the vintage look is being loved by many jewelry fanatics, and there are many fans of this shape and cut. If you want your bridal ring to be a special one, and different than the common choices, then this is one great choice. The princess cut engagement rings are perfect for the occasion while giving your beloved the perfect pampering for her fingers.

Here are some tips to help you buy a princess cut diamond better

Famous as one of the popular fancy cuts of diamonds the princess cut diamond is normally square. Sometimes the stone may be a bit rectangular, but that is barely detected with normal eyes. The more elongated the stone is, the lesser will be its price. If you are on a budget you may try getting a rectangular princess cut to save some money, while anyone will hardly notice.


The inclusions in the stone do not get much noticed because of the shape and cut. This is why you can choose a stone with a little lesser clarity or brilliance, and it will go hardly noticed. The shape and cut are too special to let the eyes wander over the other aspects allowing you to buy a stone smarter while saving more. However rarely will you get a princess cut Engagement rings Dayton Ohio with lower clarity than the SI1. You may easily by a stone with VS2 or VS1 clarity, and even if small inclusions are there, you won’t mind.

Styles you get in princess cut diamond rings

There are several styles you will get when going to buy princess cut engagement rings. The ring may be made of any of the precious metals like gold or platinum, white gold or rose gold, or some other semi precious metals. The centre stone which will be the princess cut diamond, can be accompanied by other smaller diamonds in the periphery to make it look bigger while imparting more shine, or it may be the single stone on the centre of the ring. This may come with pave design, where the ring band is a paved one, and the centre piece would be the princess cut. There are many other choices where the metal is more ornamentally designed in vines and other designs.