Why you need to make sure your store is professional

Why you need to make sure your store is professional


When it comes to opening a store, even the most amateur of shop owners knows that there are certain things that you do and don’t do. Do, for example, keep your products well lit. Don’t, for example, store your products on the floor. A professional store doesn’t necessarily mean that you design it to look like an office. A professional store is one that showcases its products effectively, creates the right environment for customers, and is designed to maximise profit. If you have yet to realise the gravity of an effective store design, here is some explanation as to why professionalism is vital for business:

Chaos and disorder will affect your sales

Depending on what type of store you own, you are bound to have some customers who enter with a clear idea of what they want to buy. Their intention is to find it, buy it and leave in as little time as possible. However, if your store lacks order or clear signs on how to find certain products you will find that a lot of customers will leave without buying anything. If the process of locating an item is too long or too difficult, people are bound to give up and find somewhere else to buy what they’re looking for. Organising your shop into categorised sections with signs that tell customers where they might find certain products will improve the chance of these decisive customers finding what they need and buying it.

Poor presentation makes products look cheap

You might notice that certain types of products are displayed in certain ways. Car showrooms have immaculate, shining floors and bright lights; beauty products are presented on clean, black and white shelves; jewellery is presented on dark velvet. This is because these displays are designed to bring out the best qualities in these products. Bright lights and shiny floors illuminate a car’s paintwork; black and white cases make makeup colours look brighter and more glamorous; dark velvet absorbs bright light and makes jewellery look shinier. The presentation of your products has a large impact on how your customers perceive them. Even if you sell designer clothes worth thousands of pounds, customers won’t buy them if you have them creased and stuffed into boxes. So, don’t scrimp on shop and retail design. The right display will improve the visual quality of your productsand make them look more appealing to your customers.

You need the right layout to maximise profit

Believe it or not, how you place products around your shop and arrange displays can affect how much people spend. In shops that sell a wide range of products, such as clothes shops, the layout is designed to direct customer flow around the shop. Most people when they first walk into a shop will turn right and browse the shop’s walls in a clockwise direction. With an intelligent layout you can control your customer flow. You can control where your customers go when they browse, at what speed they browse and what products they look at. A good layout involves putting your popular products in plain sight, placing interesting displays in the path of your customers and putting your best products in clear view to catch your customers’ eyes from any place in the shop.