Who Is Brandon StevenAnd About His Inventions

Who Is Brandon StevenAnd About His Inventions


Brandon Steven was born on July 25, 1973 in Wichita. He is the son of Rebecca Steven, a school teacher, and business owner Rod Steven Sr. He has two brothers, Rodney Steven and Johnny Steven, and one sister, Julie Steven. His father owned 15 Little Joe’s Car Wash locations, a plumbing company, and a snow Ski Shop, all located in Wichita, Kansas.Brandon was attracted to two things as a young child- sports and entrepreneurship. As a child, he played all traditional sports, and his competitiveness became blatantly obvious. At the age of 11, his brother Rodney and he started their first business – snow shovelling driveways. This business leads to Steven Snow Removal which is still very active with hundreds of clients throughout Kansas, and operating a dozen trucks. At the age of 13, Brandon Steven went to his 3rd venture- Pigeon Busters. Pigeon Busters was a business where Brandon caught pigeons from the tops of buildings and sold them to hunters for dog training. Brandon kept this business throughout high school and gave it to his younger brother when he left for college. Brandon purchased his first new car dealership, Subaru of Wichita, in 2004.

The new car business generated for Subaru required Brandon Steven to build a new showroom, which he did by building onto the Rock Road Car Wash he owned right next to the Brandon Steven Motors east location. This dealership needed millions of dollars worth of renovations and equipment, and that took years. In 2007, Brandon purchased Ford of Augusta, just east of Wichita. Two years later, he joined forces with Scott Pitman again and bought the Suzuki franchise. They quickly built a brand new facility, and within their second year in business, it became the number one Suzuki dealer in the United States five years in a row. The volume coming out of Wichita, Kansas drew attention from the automotive industry throughout the county. Scott and Brandon continued to grow their used car businesses in the former Brandon Steven Motors locations, with Super Car Guys. There are currently three locations in Wichita.In July 2016, Brandon Steven expanded his car dealership operations outside of Kansas with the purchase of Lee’s Summit Mazda in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City.


 The dealership has been renamed Eddy’s Mazda of Lee’s Summit. Brandon Steven has planned a $1 million renovation to the existing building and a lot expansion. The lot expansion will include the purchase of a vacant lot adjacent to the current building that wills double the lot space.