The Janitor’s Guide to Cleaning Your Business Premises

The Janitor’s Guide to Cleaning Your Business Premises


The janitor’s guide to cleaning your business premises is here. Being a janitor is hard work to say the least. It takes a great deal of experience, stamina, and training to do a great job correctly. These tips will help to ensure that as a janitor, you can correctly care for your tools and stay safe while on the job.

The janitor’s guide to cleaning your business premises is an informational toolkit. Yet, the most important tool for any janitor when cleaning a business is your cleaning cloth. In today’s word of sanitation and health, cleaning cloths have become vitally important to the health and safety of the people you are servicing. Microfiber cloths, and other disposable cleaning cloths have become the new standard. These disposable cleaners are easy to use, economical, and can be thrown away after each use to help keep harmful bacteria at bay. If you are not currently using a throw-away cleaning cloth, it is important to start now.

The janitor’s guide to cleaning your business premises also considers various aspects of liability minimization. Another vital role in keeping your business clean is knowing how to properly mix your chemicals in a safe manner. It is also important to know which chemicals to use, especially on floors. For example, wood floors need a chemical that is non-acidic, while tile or stone floors need an acidic-based chemical. It should also be noted here that the time each chemical sits on the floor is also important. Leaving a chemical on a surface for too long can eat away at the floor, while not leaving it on long enough can be ineffective.


In today’s world, taking care of the environment has become paramount to those within the janitorial profession. Not only is it important to protect the environment, but also for your clientele. Most clients today want to know that they are being as green-friendly as possible. Businesses get tax write offs and other such benefits for being on the environmentally friendly path. For janitors, this means that the ways in which you dispose of chemicals and cleaning tools need to be in line with these environmentally sensitive protocols.

Again, microfiber cleaning cloths are a great way to be green. They are built from biodegradable materials and are also much more efficient at getting the job done. Make sure however, that if the products you are using are actually environmentally safe. Just because something says it is green does not mean it is necessarily the best product for environment, or for the job. It is your responsibility as a janitor to ensure that your products are up to code.

In addition to these tips, it is crucial that you keep in mind your own safety. Make sure that you are wearing a facemask when necessary. Make sure that you are protecting your eyes and skin from harsh chemicals and/or debris. Being a janitor is hard work, make sure you are staying safe while doing it.