Shipping Goods Overseas- What You Need To Know

Shipping Goods Overseas- What You Need To Know


Law regarding shipping of goods is a distinct body of law governing commercial activities carried out by manufactures who import and export goods. Because everything in world is interconnected and globalized, you are subjected to different laws and principles which are applied universally. Knowledge on essentials in shipping is very important for you to carry out your shipping mission without any difficulty. Here are several things you must know.

Types of the shipping contracts

Shipping of goods is mainly governed under the contract of affreigtment that you enter with the shipowner. It may be by way of charterparty or by bills of lading. You can choose the type of contract you need depending on the amount, size and type of cargo you seek to ship. Charter party is where the ship owner agrees to make available the entire capacity of the vessel for a particular voyage or for a particular period while under bills of lading the ship owner offers a carrying service to whoever that wishes to ship cargo.

Packing, labeling, and documentation

The packing of goods should suit the type of goods you seek to ship.Some goods need refrigerators or cool chambers while others react violently when it comes to contact with other goods. Therefore it is needed that you pack in strong containers sealed and filled with moisture free material. Labeling also becomes a very important requirement when you ship goods since once you load your goods into the ship handling of them is done by the ship staff and they by labeling them they will have a reasonable idea on the handling of the them and sometimes labeling has to be done in order to meet the requirements provided for in the shipping regulations. There are many documentation requirements such as bills of lading, commercial invoices, certificate of origin, etc.of which you need to study a little bit when you ship goods.

Risk management

Carriage of goods by the sea involves many risks. Your goods can get damaged or lost due to the perils of the sea during the long transits that shipping usually involves. There are marine insurance policies which cater the needs of you to protect the goods you ship overseas. Regardless if you are a buyer or a seller it is advisable that you insure your goods as shipping involves number of unascertained hazards.

Country and customs regulations

When products are being shipped internationally a custom fee is charged by each country and you need to have an idea on those fees as they vary to one country to another.