More about the slip rings and the suppliers

More about the slip rings and the suppliers


With our valuable assistance of the skilled professional we provide the high quality of gold plated slip rings, which is an electromagnetic device that will enable the transmission of signals and power from a motionless component which revolving the structure. The common plated rings are used in the aerospace, defense, oil, gas and medical applications. Our quality controllers will controllers will test the quality of the rings in the various parameters to deliver the perfect one to the customers. Reasonable prices of the gold plated rings are highly demand in the market. By      providing quality to our customers our prime concern will helped us to become and truthful slip ring supplier in the domain. With the low electrical noise and gold on gold contacts it is the most desired product of our clients. To provide a stable structure it has 900 v-groove rings. According to the use of the silver type platted Teflon gives various connection options. The cost will vary according to the product.


Induction motors:

Full line voltage across it terminals these terminals are started. Here the motors have the external resistance connected to its rotor circuit the current should be adjusted or kept minimum by increasing the resistance of the rotor circuit. Because the starting torque is increasing in the starting factor. The controller of the rheostat may be stud or in the type of contactor. According to the situation the operation of the motor will through hand or automotive. For these types of devices the 3 phase is the overload one and lower voltage will safer to the device. In between the control gear and the starting device there should be an interlock to the proper sequential action. These types of motors have high starting torque with low voltage these type will started at the time of load also. For the starting purpose only the external resistance will used. If the motor will pickup gradually means the outside resistance will cutoff automatically. At the time of motor reaches its rated speed the rings are should be isolated. The rings of the carbon brushes are lifted and the rings are short circuited it will make them very similar to the squirrel cage motors.


These types of motors are come sharply at the brief periods where the load is intermittent like us punching machine. In the drive a heavy fly wheel is fitted mainly in between the work and speed reduction gears. With the motor the fly wheel will shares which will enable the motor to the lower rating to be employed. It will take place automatically to share the loading. The speed of the motor will reduce considerably if the load will increases and it will ensuring by using a motor high ring a high full of load slip for example it should be of 10%. There should the stator and the rotor which should part separately in the slip rings. In the squirrel cage motor the stator is stated but the rotor is in the frame voltage.

Low torque, compact size and quick shipment are the features of the slip rings. Be benefit by getting theses.