How to give your place an “official” look and feel?

How to give your place an “official” look and feel?


When you start your small business, when you finally own your own business, the size of your workplace and how “official” it looks is one of those minor things that don’t even count. In fact, you prioritize the “size” of your work place only, and only if it affects how you perform in your production. There’s always the fact that you can always buy or rent another workplace when you begin to see profits in your business and its time to expand. In fact, you can go for a bigger and better place. Until then, you’ll probably settle for an “informal” workplace.

But did you know that how “official” your work space looks can have its effects on you and your employees?

Here are two minor changes that you can make in your current workplace to ensure that it looks and feels official.


Introduce a workplace uniform or work clothes.

Like we said before, if your work place has an official “feel” to it, it helps to keep your employees (and even yourself) on their toes. This makes a significant difference in the end results of your products as well. Introducing a workplace uniform or even work clothes is the best way to ensure that your employees feel this. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic. For the beginning, you can ask your employees to wear clothes according to a certain color code. Once your company grows and you have enough funds to spend on things beyond the vital, invest your money on uniforms. According to the nature of your business, it could be anything from comfy t-shirts to dress shirts. If your business is related to construction, then even personalized hard hats are a good idea. If you live in Australia, then you might want to try places like high quality safety equipment melbourne for your uniform needs. In fact, most other (both online and local) places that do monograms and stickers will be able to help you out too.

Have rules; obey the rules.

There’s nothing like tight rules to make your employees feel like they’re actually, officially at work. The rules you lay down may not be complicated. It can be something simple like entering the work space within a certain time frame, or finishing their allotted work before a certain dead line. In fact, these are things you need to apply even in an informal work setting. Other work rules, like keeping your office clean, neat and tidy at all times will benefit your employees as well. It keeps them healthier and also helps their creativity as well.

The best thing you could do, is to lead by example. Wear your “work-shirt” pressed neat and tidy every day. Have certain standards towards your workplace. Arrive on time for work. Obey the rules; and your employees will follow your example.