Derprosa SoFT TOUcH Appeals to the Senses in Luxury Packaging

Derprosa SoFT TOUcH Appeals to the Senses in Luxury Packaging


Whether we realize it or not, product packaging is a multisensory experience. Every time a consumer interacts with or opens a packaged product, they are subconsciously receiving information about that brand’s values and identity through virtually every sensory system: visual, auditory, tactile, kinaesthetic, and even olfactory.

One of the essential tasks for luxury brands is to use their packaging to differentiate their products from their mass market counterparts, and often, even from counterfeit products. As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details, and the distinction between luxury packaging and commodity packaging is typically in the finishes. Leading film manufacturer Derprosa understands that, which is whythey have worked tirelessly to perfect their internationally renowned SoFT TOUcH laminating film.

Derprosa SoFT TOUcH: The original tactile film

The vast majority of products on the market neglect the tactile aspect of their product packaging. Luxury brands, however, know that the physical sensation the consumer receives from the package directly contributes to their brand experience. Getting this aspect right is one of the most important steps to ensure the customer perceives that they are, in fact, handling a luxury product. The rich, velvety feel of the Derprosa SoFT TOUcH film accomplishes this task beautifully.

One of the most interesting qualities of the original Derprosa SoFT TOUcH film is that it simultaneously offers a luxurious tactile sensation and an extra-matt finish. This is important because it provides a visual texture that sets it apart from standard films, and also is able to create a visually stunning high contrast with printed or stamped text and logos. This range of laminating films therefore evokes feelings of quality and luxury in at least two senses: tactile and visual.

Protecting luxury products with BOPP film

Like any true luxury brand product, SoFT TOUcH films aren’t merely designed to look nice; they are carefully crafted to be sturdy and durable. This range has all the benefits of standard BOPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene) films, in a richer format. BOPP film is known for its superior resistance to water, oils, and odours, as well as scratch and scuff resistance.

Derprosa package laminating films are designed to ensure maximum protection for a wide variety of applications, from designer fragrance boxes to high-end spirits, book covers to luxury shopping bags. Meanwhile, the SoFT TOUcH range adds that luxurious finish that consumers crave. And all without sacrificing adhesion or versatility in printing.

Considering its many qualities, it’s no wonder so many other laminating film manufacturers are trying to market their own “soft touch” BOPP films. But with its unique, velvety tactile sensation, rich extra-matt finish, superior resistance and creative flexibility, there can be only one original, and it’s Derprosa SoFT TOUcH.