Dealing With The Emotional Trauma Of Migration

Dealing With The Emotional Trauma Of Migration


It is common knowledge that your mentality and personality warps when you move abroad. Due to new environments and trying to blend in, a change in personality is commonly seen among migrants. It is due to people unconsciously, or consciously, trying to mimic what everyone else is doing in order to prevent themselves from standing out in the crowd. In most basic terms, it can be considered a defense mechanism as well. But what most people experience when they go abroad, and especially on the long haul is loneliness. This has a severe impact on your happiness levels. So, here are some ideas on making sure that you do not end up depressed and all alone.


Catch up times with your family and friends

Your family will be there for you no matter what. When you are abroad, they will be worried and would be willing to keep you company at all times. Take advantage of this when you are alone. Schedule a weekly video chat time with your family, friends and other loved ones to catch up on what is happening and keep in touch. The reason you will miss them is because you do not keep up communications. If you learn what is happening to them and talk about your troubles and exchange matters, you will feel much lighter since you know what is happening. You can find comfort in the fact that you have someone who is always there. Get help from your family for arranging any leftover shipping and packing for your leftover stuff through logistics companies.

Try out new things


Starting a new life is all about going for new things. So, when you get to the new place after getting help from logistics companies and settle down, try out the food places and entertainments in the neighborhood. If there is a new type of cuisine and you do not want the whole menu, try grab their best seller. Watch a volleyball game if you are a football fan. Try out the practice pitching for baseball when you cannot even hold the bat right. Do everything and anything that will enable you to start the groundwork of settling down in the new place.

Push your fears and test your limits and do everything that you dreamt of doing. See what you are capable of and understand your own personality. Go to local cultural events, see the dramas and plays hosted freely at the university, and join a club or a neighborhood gathering. Challenges and mistakes are what make us grow up and learn. So, give your best at everything that you get in the new environment.